Frequently Asked Questions

Can your installation also work for companies in the chicken sector?

Unfortunately not. We are currently fully focused on pig and cattle farms because we also have all the knowledge and skills.

Is your company only active in the Netherlands?

No, after we started the first test installation in Spain in 2017, we started the first installations in the Netherlands in 2020. In time, we also want to become active in other countries.

Do I still have odors after installing your installation?

No, no odor has been detected during installation in Spain. The basins are even placed there without lids.

What extra effect does it have if my pigs are already fed food enriched with enzymes?


Where's the nitrogen going?

This is converted into environmentally friendly and necessary substances.

How much space does the system take up?

From 300 m2 with 8 m3 of processing per day to 900 m2 with processing of 100 m3 of manure per day.

How much manure can the system process?

From 8 to 100 m3 per day.

What is in the catalytic converter?

Natural ingredients that further activate the active bacteria

What happens if the system is faulty?

This is monitored remotely. There are always service teams in your area.

Do you have a 24/7 helpline?

Yes. Our service teams are always available.

When will this system become profitable for me?

If you currently spend more than 12 euros per m3 of manure on processing

Where can I see the system?

Now in Spain, but in three months in South Holland and North Brabant