Dutch society faces major challenges with regard to the environment and global warming.

It is difficult to achieve a good balance between living and working on the one hand and sustainability on the other. Many climate measures have a huge impact on the lives of millions of Dutch people, are extremely expensive and still do not always have sufficient effect.

With its patented approach, Dutch Farmer Solutions wants to contribute to a considerably cleaner environment and a very substantial reduction in the emission of harmful substances. In this way, the Netherlands can take major steps towards achieving the climate targets. We want to do this by tackling the problem at the source and where the impact is greatest: on the farm itself.

Dutch Farmer Solutions is a Dutch innovative start-up that is active in animal husbandry. Our company places a patented manure processing installation with livestock farmers and pig farmers, so that the manure can be processed within the agricultural company itself. This is a unique innovation that benefits the climate, farmers, animals and local residents.

How does it work?
The animals' manure and urine are removed from the house within 24 hours, the thick fraction being immediately separated from the thin fraction. The thin fraction is biologically processed in five linked pools, with the addition of a special catalyst. In this way, water is ultimately created. That is suitable for irrigation or stable cleaning. The water that remains can go into the sewer without any problems. The thick fraction that remains becomes the raw material for fertilizer or can be spread on land.

The installation of Dutch Farmer Solutions reduces the emission of harmful substances such as ammonia, nitrogen and CO2 by more than ninety percent. The odor nuisance and the emission of particulate matter will decrease equally. Manure transports are no longer necessary and the costs of manure processing for farmers are dropping by an average of thirty percent. Piglet mortality is also decreasing because they no longer have to live in the heavy ammonia smell.